[EN] Blender : Low Poly Man

This article is a record of the process of forming a low polygon with Blender, a free distribution software, and revealing the code. It is currently version 2.93.6 LTS, starting from the box and cutting off the left side. After that, use a Mirror Modifier to make the left and right sides the same. Making adjustments to only the right side, causing the left side to affect as well. After that, arrange the shape as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Forming from the body
Figure 2 Extrude, drawn to the body
Figure 3 Pull up to be under chest
Figure 4 Pull up to be a chest
Figure 5 Pull it up to the bust to shoulder and shape it nicely.
Figure 6 From above, Extrude and Enter to avoid being raised, but move Edge as shown in the figure to use as part of the neck
Figure 7 pull the neck up
Figure 8 Perform 4 more pulls from the neck to use as the head.
Figure 9 Shape the head
Figure 10 Extrude the front to be a part of the face.
Figure 11 Shape the shape of the head and face.
Figure 12 Below, pull down to form thighs
Figure 13 Pull down to form the upper leg.
Figure 14 Pull it down to form before the knee and shape it accordingly.
Figure 15 Pull down to be the knee
Figure 16 Pull down into the calf part
Figure 17 Pull down to form part of the shin to the ankle.
Figure 18 Pull down to be the ankle part
Figure 19 Pull down to form part of the heel
Figure 20 Pull the front of the heel section to form the section 1 palm
Figure 21 Pulled out to form a toe and arrange the proportions to look like feet
Figure 22 Keep the details of the feet appropriately
Figure 23 Now only the arm portion remains

From Figure 23, try to continue for the arms and hands, next time it will be a skeleton.


The most used command in this article is Extrude, changing the selection to Vertex/Edge/Polygon, relocation, and rotating/zooming the display so that you can easily go in and adjust the different parts. However, modeling is a skill that takes practice, try to get in.

(C) 2020-2022, By Jarut Busarathid and Danai Jedsadathitikul
Updated 2022-01-26