[EN] Unity3D The great game maker

This article introduces Unity3D, a very popular game creation program. Because there are so many facilities needed to make a game. Called quite complete, such as the manipulation of three-dimensional objects, gravity, system movement of objects, can create games on multiple platforms for example. Controlling objects requires knowledge of a programming language which can be practiced.

Figure 1 Unity’s logo

Unity3D features

Light management

The light management in the program allows the direction of the light to be set in multiple directions. Because in real conditions, the light source is not only in one direction which the light in each point can adjust the intensity and color of the light as well.

Figure 2 Light management

Resources management

Resource management of the program can be done by importing resources into the program itself and using Unity’s resource repository. Once the resources are imported, we can manage them as needed.

Figure 3 Unity resource repository

Camera management

Another standout feature of Unity is its camera management, where the camera can be moved as needed including visual characteristics. All of these are just one variable. This means that we can program the camera through programming too, which gives a more perfect view.

Figure 4 Unity’s camera view

Create both two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects

Creating both two and three dimensional objects can be a headache for the average person. Because object collision must be handled, in Unity the creation of basic objects can be done with just a click. It can also be instantly integrated with various settings such as gravity, camera angles, lighting, and collision management.

Figure 5 Object creation
Figure 6 The edge of the object automatically generated by the program.


This article is just an introduction to Unity3D so that you can see some of its features, such as the availability and ease of management, camera settings,  multi-directional lighting management, etc., which can be further developed in the development of games or programs. And finally, have fun with programming.

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Updated 2022-02-06