[EN] ESP8266+RoboServo

This article is an example of programming in Python to operate a DC electric motor called a servo motor, and when a servo motor is used to drive the wheels on the left and right, it can easily work as a wheeled robot. Also, an example program of this article is to commands the movement of a wheel-driven robot to move forward, backward, turn left, turn right and stop.

(Figure. 1)
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[EN]Review TTGO T8 ESP32

TTGO T8 ESP32 is an ESP32-powered board. Supports programming for ESP-IDF, Arduino and MicroPython. In addition, the highlight of this board is Built-in memory, 4MB external RAM available, TF Card reader slot, can read/write SD card, turn on/off switch, reset button, 3D antenna, external antenna socket, charging circuit and using a rechargeable battery.

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[EN] ESP8266+Soil Moisture Sensor

This article uses the ESP8266 to read the values ​​from the soil moisture sensor. The appearance of the selected sensor is shown in Figure 1. The circuit of the sensor is shown in Figure 2 which there’s a part for the conversion of resistance from current flow to analog and digital values. In which the digital sector has to be rotated to adjust the resistance from the variable resistor. After that, the voltage obtained by adjusting the resistance is used as a comparator of the voltage obtained by the sensor circuit and output the data as a digital signal as a value of 0 or 1, but in this article choose to read the value from analog signal via A0, which is 10 bits analog to digital converter (ADC) consequently the value read from analog signal will be integer start from 0 to 1024. The example program is written in Python along with showing the converted values ​​from the ADC displayed on the web page.

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[EN] ESP8266 WiFi

The ESP8266 is a device with a built-in WiFi connection system that can operate in both AP (Access Point) mode and client mode connected to an existing WiFi network or STA. The developer can set the name of the device (ESSID) or use the name according to the value set by the system to MicroPython-xxxx, where x represents the MAC Address of the device, the password is micropythoN (the developer can define a new one) with the IP address (IP Address) of

(Figure. 1) JarutEx’s ESP8266+Uno
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